Wirklich inspirierend, wie diese Läuferin einer anderen hilft!

As Jessica Haney rounded the corner during the final leg of the NCAA West Preliminary’s 10,000-meter event this weekend, Nicole Price’s lead must have looked insurmountable. But when an exhausted Nicole suddenly collapsed within 200 feet of the finish line, most onlookers expected Jessica to capitalize on the injury and secure herself a first-place finish.

Instead, Jessica taught us all that some things are more important than winning, as she stopped short of the finish line, pulled out a pistol, and put the injured runner out of her misery once and for all.

Ein Blick auf die Quelle ist angeraten. Aber bei all diesen „amazing“ und „inspiring“ Posts, die seit einiger Zeit täglich die Runde machen, ist dieser Artikel von Clickhole eine wahre Wohltat. 😀


Quelle: Inspiring! This Runner Stopped Just Yards From The Finish To Put A Collapsed Rival Out Of Her Misery

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