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WWDC 2010 – My „predictions“

This is absolutely NOT worth reading if you’re looking for any kind of information! 🙂 It’s something like my own, personal bingo card for this year’s WWDC.

1. New iPhone (Probability: 99,9999999999%)
No secret. Steve Jobs will present the iPhone 3GS’s successor. Period. If not, those present will jump the stage and will make sure that he’ll need another liver after the presentation. Bonus points for me if Steve should decide to present the new iPhone as an encore, his famous „one more thing.

2. New Mac Mini (20%)
The Mac Mini, in its latest iteration, is already 230 days old. An upgrade should be right ahead. Thus, it’s very likely that Steve will present the new model. On the other hand: the new Mac Mini won’t be revolutionary in any kind of way. I don’t think that the new Mac Mini will be WWDC-Keynote-worthy. The new iMacs and the new MacBook and the new MacBookPros all were silently upgraded, too.


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