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Can your iPhone w/ SIP-Client replace you DECT handset?

I have a dream!

And since I’m not half as good a man as I’d like to be, my dream has absolutely nothing to do with freedom, peace, equality and happiness.
I’m dreaming of one device to rule them all! 🙂

I don’t want to have two phones, for example. I own the greatest mobile phone on the market, the iPhone 3GS. I also own an old SIEMENS Gigaset E45 DECT Handset for landline calls – and for being reachable for cheap by others.

Should you also read my German posts (or use Google Translate to translate them into your native language), you already know that, since recently, I’m the more or less proud owner of a Fritz!Box 7390 – basically an IAD on steroids. It is also a, well, somewhat-featured VoIP device, enabling SIP clients to make and receive calls via the landline.

During the last couple of days I conducted an experiment: can my iPhone in combination with an installed SIP client replace my old, shabby DECT handset? I used two different SIP clients on my iPhone for this experiment: Wi-Fone and the newly released Fritz!App – an App from the vendor of my Fritz!Box.