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So, I got this new toy… Magic Mouse, they call it

After some… „ordering/delivery trouble“ with the local mStore here in Kiel, I decided to order the mouse directly from Apple’s Online Store on wednesday. It would take 5-7 business days for my item to be ready for shipment. About 30 minutes later I got an E-Mail from the Apple store, informing me that my mouse has been shipped and would arrive in approx. 5 business days. Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Okay, a week was faster than I could expect and a lot faster than Apple initially stated.
Today is Saturday… and the Magic Mouse arrived about 4 hours ago – not even 72 hours after I ordered it at the Apple Online Store. I’m pretty impressed!

Well, now for the important part. Like almost everyone who got this new mouse, I’m amazed. However, I’m not only amazed about the technology etc. – but also amazed about myself, or better: how fast I managed to get along with this new type of mouse. It’s soooo… flat. Spending most of my time in front of computers with a mouse in hand, my right hand automatically forms like the Hunchback of Notre Dames whenenver I reach for a mouse.
Using this mouse feels so much more natural! Ive is right when he says that they built the new Magic Mouse the way mice should’ve always been built.

This also has a huuuuge downside! Less fun. When you get a new Mac, a new iPhone, a new (enter gadget of choice) you’ll most likely spent hours to play with it, get to know it, etc. With this mouse it’s like: Unpacking. Pairing with the Mac, first few moves and thinking „hmmm… strange… it’ll take me some days to get used to it“ – and 15 minutes later you already feel as if you’ve been using this mouse for years. 🙂

A real downside I recognized immediately: the mouse is breathtakingly… SLOW! Well, okay, not the mouse itself, but the cursor on the screen. It moved way quicker with my old Logitech MX310 (I think it was named MX310 – might be wrong, though). With that Logitech mouse it took me only a very slight mouse movement to the left or right reach the left (or right) end of the screen with the cursor (I have a 13″ Unibody MacBook, BTW). With the new magic mouse and the mouse settings already set to the maximum, I had to lift the mouse off of the table to reach the end of the screen!
I played around with a couple of tools and was finally „rescued“ by fantinel, who introduced me to Mouse Zoom which let me adjust the cursor speed manually. On it’s scale, which goes from 0 to 10, the max „Apple mouse speed“ is a 1,7. I set the mouse speed to 8 now and all’s well. 🙂

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