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Perfect(?) standard settings for a Canon S95

I’m not a photography pro. I see myself in the amateur category. Nevertheless I want those few photos I take to be of decent quality.

In late december of 2010 I bought myself a Canon S95 which, according to enough people who should know, closes a gap: a camera with outstanding picture quality for a point and shoot for those consumers that want great quality but don’t want to spend all that money for a DSLR camera.

The camera already does a very good job on „auto“. However, if you have a camera that offers you a ton of options when switching to „manual“.
My main problem here was: I want every image to be saved in a RAW format. The S95 doesn’t do that when operating on auto pilot. However, there are situations where I actually want to use the S95 as a point and shoot camera, meaning: I don’t want to fiddle around with all those settings and just take the picture.

After almost 4 months I figured out that the following settings in manual mode deliver the best results when using the S95 in manual mode as a point and shoot camera, both, in low and bright light, and even with moving targets.

My standard setting now is:
– ISO 125
– an aperture time of 1/200
– and an f-stop of 2.0

Of course, as stated above, I’m far from a pro when it comes to photography. So your mileage may vary and you should take the above with a grain of salt… however, maybe it does help you to find your ideal standard settings for those „point and shoot moments“.

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