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Missing features in iTunes‘ Ping

Just a quick List…

1. Integration in Library
I want to „Like“ Songs directly from my library, not only through the iTunes store. Also, I would like to „auto-like“ all songs that I give (and already gave) a 5-star-rating.

2. Stream bought contents
When I visit my own profile, I can see that I just bought a new album. Also, I’m presented with the entire track list of this album – and I’m offered to buy those tracks again.
What I want: I want to be able to sit at a friend’s computer, login with my iTunes Store credentials and then being able to stream the songs/albums that were bought with that account.

3. Integration with twitter and/or facebook
I really like the idea behind Ping. But I don’t think that, in a week from now, I’ll still want to check yet another social network every day/couple of hours.

4. Podcasters are artists, too!
Why only open up the platform to music artists? I want pages for my favourite podcasters, too!

5. Manage Ping from iPhone.
As of now, I can consume Ping information from my iPhone. But I also want to be able to (un)follow people directly from my iPhone.

6. Apps, Movies, TV Shows
Let me „like“ Apps, Movies and TV Shows!

7. Affiliate Links?
Give me x per cent of the revenue that is being generated through my „likes“.


List might be continued…

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