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Missin iPhone feature: Tell me, who’s calling me!

There’s one thing that really annoys me. I carry my iPhone around in a trouser pocket, with the ear buds in my ears 90% of the time.
Now, when it rings, I hear the chosen (either globally or contact-specific) ringtone.
That way I know, if someone from my family, from work or if someone not belonging to none of these groups is calling, say a friend.
Which means: in most of the possible cases, I have to get the iPhone out of my pocket to see who’s calling
Why isn’t there a switch to tell the iPhone that it should read out the name of the caller instead of the ringtone (or as a voice over) whenever I have the headphone jack is occupied?!

Of course, I could apply an unique ring tone to (at least) my most important contacts. On the other hand: that would become quite confusing.

Ah, next idea: I could RECORD an unique ringtone for all of my contacts. That way, instead of playing the intro of „Beat it“, the iPhone would simply shout out „Jessica calling… Jessica calling… Jessica calling… Jessica calling…“ whenever she calls.
Well, that ain’t too brilliant either: what if I dont‘ have the headphones plugged in? Do I really want everyone around me to hear, who’s calling me?

Next: Why not let Alex (Apple’s most advanced computer voice) handle the job?
Oh, right, because not everyone want’s his contacts to be pronounced with an English accent.

Well then… here’s another idea: let the user record the callers‘ names! And whenever Thomas-Andrew Michaels-Yates calls, play back my recording of „Tommy“. Well, at least whenever he’s calling and I have the headphones plugged in.
This solution might even be the better alternative, since one could choose to use nicknames, etc…

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