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Merging PDFs in Preview with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6)

I had a problem this morning. I’ve been working on a project with several people and now we have to hand in a documentation on what we did – and why we did it.
So I have a collection of seven documents (all PDF – I threatened the others with medieval punishments if they should send in .doc or .rtf or stuff like that!).
Well, to cut a long story short: I wanted to make one PDF of it. With Preview in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) that was pretty easy peasy: drop all documents in the sidebar, hit „Save as PDF“ (or even „Print“ and then „PDF“), done.

Not so much with Snow Leopard. You have to open the sidebar and put all your PDFs in there. Arrange them in the correct order and select all of them but the first one. Then drag the selected PDFs onto the first one (the unselected). Now you can, again, save or print the document as one PDF.

I’m neither really sure why Apple decided to change the… uhm… behaviour of Preview’s sidebar, nor have I decided if I like it – which is mostly because, at the moment, I do not fully understand this new „feature“.

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