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HowTo use Facebook.app 3.2.1 with BiteSMS

Many people are having problems with the latest update of the Facebook App for their iPhone.

I didn’t get down to the „why this works“ as of now, however, here’s the fix:

1. Go to Cydia and uninstall the package iphonedelivery. This package comes with biteSMS and allows you to receive a report (in form of a green check mark) whenever a SMS text message you sent away is really being sent.

2. Go to SBsettings -> More -> Mobile Substrate Addons and disable biteSMSsb.

Reboot(!) the iPhone. Everything should work again. Have fun.



I just found out that I’m not the first person to figure this out.
Well… just take this as my part of a double-blind-test. 🙂

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