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How Verizon knocks you back to the dial-up modem times

I just thought about the iPhone 4 now being available on Verizon and all the buzz going on in the US about switching over from AT&T.

Maybe I don’t get CDMA right… but if I do: have you ever thought about, how Verizon knocks you way back to the times when we all used dial-up modems to get online?
Think back. What happened when you were surfing the web or, „worse“, downloading a file and a call came in? Right: the internet connection was dropped immediately because the incoming call had priority.

This was not a real problem if you lived alone (you could easily unplug the phone when you needed to be online), but if you were living with family, this could become a real hassle.

Now, as far as I can see, Verizon, using CDMA, knocks you back a good 10-15 years by giving you the exact same experience. Not only that you cannot and will never be able to have a phone call and check your mails or visit a website at the same time. No, if you’re downloading an App/Movie/Album or doing something else online via „3G“, an incoming call will terminate that connection immediately. There won’t even be a question „Take Call / Stay Online“, you’re not even left with a choice.
And you certainly cannot unplug the phone (App) on your iPhone as you could have done with that real landline phone back than.

I don’t really know if this is important to anyone willing to switch… it just crossed my mind and I wanted to share that thought. 🙂

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