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Enable TRIM Support for ANY SSD in OS X 10.6 / 10.7

UPDATE: Also works perfectly well on 10.7 Developers Preview 2 (11A419).

If you read my German articles, you probably already read that I’m by now the proud owner of a SSD which I replaced my DVD Super-Mega-Hyper-whatever-drive inside my MacBook Pro.

The Crucial RealSSD C300 does come with a chip that supports TRIM in and out of it’s own – however, Apple, so far, enabled SSD support in it’s OS X operating system only for a couple of selected SSDs. Those, those they equip their MacBooks themselves with.

This little tool called TRIM ENABLER circumvents these limitations and enables SSD TRIM support in OS X 10.6 AND 10.7 (tested it myself) for ANY SSD out there on the market. Thank you for your great work, Oskar Groth.

Proof screenshot:

MacBook Pro SSD TRIM

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