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Apple’s integrated SIM card ain’t for iPhones, but MacBooks!

You, dear reader, being a total Apple fanboy, surely read about Apple cooperating with Gemalto to create a custom-made, pre-installed SIM-Cards.

All blogs (at least all blogs in which I read about this topic) seem to be certain about one thing: those must be for the iPhone.

I don’t think so. It’s too early for that step and, at least, the German carriers would go bonkers about that. They don’t know nothing about selling phones with no subsidies and, hence, not how to present their customers with plans fur such a scenario. I suspect that such a step would result in both, higher prices for the device itself AND higher monthly fees (in relation to the status quo – prices for the plans will certainly not jump, but I’d suspect the „TCO“ over two years would rise).

No, I think that Apple will introduce those integrated SIM cards with one of their next MacBook/Pro/Air update. The lack of an integrated UMTS modem is something that I deeply hate Apple for, since I bought my first MacBook. There are no technical obstacles, other notebooks do come with such a modem, you know. This must be some Steve Jobs-shit about not wanting users to have to pop in/out SIM cards. Plus: that slot would have to be accessible from the OUTSIDE, since Apple doesn’t want you to take a look inside your MacBook/Pro/Air anymore. Well, of course, Apple could just kill that silly SD-Card slot for that…

I don’t say that this technology, the integrated SIM Card, won’t, eventually, arrive in the iPhone – but I do have a feeling, that we won’t see it there first. 🙂

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